How To Change Blogger Post URL Using Permalink?

Whenever we publish a new post, Blogger automatically generates the post URL according to the title of the blog post. For example if the post title is How To Change Blogger Post URL Using Permalink? then blogger will generatehttp:// /2012/09/ how-to-change -blogger-post- url-using.html as the post URL. If you want to change this URL to a small SEO friendly one here comes the solution.

Recently Blogger introduced an option named Permalink in Post settings to edit the post URL to your desired one. But its not enabled in , You can access this option by logging in to

Just follow this simple tutorial to edit your blogger post URL to your desired one.

(Note : If you have Permalink Option in your Blogger Post Settings Start from Step 2. )

1. Login to with your same Blogger account.Then You will get a Dashboard same as

2. Now open the desired post you want to edit the URL. If the post is a published one click Revert to draft button to enable Permalink editing.

3. Then click Permalink in Post Settings.

4. Now check the Custom URL radio button and type the new post URL in Custom URL text field. After changing the URL don't forget to click Done!


5. Click Publish . 

That's it ! Now check the post URL it will be changed to the modified one !

Note : If you are changing URL of a old post, please note down the old URL before changing to a new one. Because your old post URL may be submitted to search engine or social websites.So If any one come to your blog using the old URL he will get a 404 not found error. Don't Worry ! you can Redirect your old URL to new URL using Custom Redirects feature of Blogger.

Google Cache URLs is

Google Cache URLs To Be

Some users are seeing the URL being used for the Cache link in the Google search results.

If you try going to it will actually load a Google search page. Google is the owner of 



AdsGadget Review Alternatives To Google Adsense

Best Alternatives To Google Adsense

This is a completely new service but a a good relaible one. The biggest advantage of using it is that you will get the ads live within 15 seconds which means you will not have to worry about waiting for long durations. Most probably newbies will not find any issues in getting the Ads live until they are not using it on prohibted contents. You will be paid well and have different size tags just like Google Adsense.

There is no minimum limit on how much you can withdraw. You can get it through paypal.

The payment is made after 45 days on the NET45 terms which is usual with all Ad-serving companies.

Minimum Payout: No Mimimum Payout Limit

Why AdsGadget?

  • Be live in 15 seconds! With adsgadget, you can be live immediately; no need to wait for approval, just copy and paste  the tag in your website, banners will be shown immediately.
  • Super simple and easy to use interface, no complicated setups…
  • No minimum threshold for payment.
  • No minimum threshold for impression volume
  • Dedicated account mangers that will be happy to help you 24/7. Just contact our support team
  • Professional optimization team and a high end optimization algorithm with only one goal in mind: increasing your rates!
  • Adsgadget works with a huge variety of advertisers worldwide, to provide publishers with a wide variety of relevant ads and give them unbeatable rates.
  • Adsgadget supports all geographic locations
Sign up now and join our satisfied publishers!
How does it work?
Get started! Fill in the registration form; once you are logged in to AdsGadget, click onCreate a new placement and follow the simple directions (you can create as many placements as you want!). Once the placement tag is created, simply copy and paste it into your website. Now you just need to get visitors. AdsGadget will begin optimizing your traffic to display the best performing ads and maximize your eCPM. You can easily follow your results by running reports by placement and date.

When will I get paid?
All payments are processed once a month on NET45 terms. For example, January earnings will be paid on March, thus you will receive the profits 45 days after the end of each month. Just make sure your Paypal or wire details are updated in the "my settings" page. There is no minimum threshold to receive payment through Paypal. If you choose to be paid through wire transfer, the minimum for payment is 500$.

How much can I expect to earn?
Your income depends on various factors; the quality and quantity of the traffic you send, what kind of content your website provides, your geographic location, your ad placement, the ad sizes you select, where you place your ad and other factors. It is very difficult to accurately predict what you will earn, but in general, AdsGadget publishers generate eCPM's above industry averages due to our professional optimization team and high-end optimization algorithm.

Why should I categorize my content?
In general, ads placed on the top half of a website page get more attention and thus, bring more revenues.
Ads between the pages’ content may also show good rates.

What are the restrictions?
Ad$Gadget has a strict policy of not showing ads on websites that may contain:
  • Sex, pornography or otherwise adult-oriented content
  • Promotion of the excessive use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances
  • Violence, profanity, expletives or inappropriate language
  • Promotion of illegal activity such as racism, hate, mail fraud, spam, pyramid schemes, or other advice not permitted under applicable law
  • Libelous and/or defamatory material which is contrary to public policy or otherwise unlawful
What are the available ad sizes?
Ad$Gadget uses the most common IAB-standard sizes:
·         728x90
·         468x60
·         160x600
·         120x600
·         300x250
·         Pop-up/pop-under

Is it possible to create a non-standard size banner?
If you are interested in creating custom size banner other than the standard sizes available, please contact our support at:
Where should I place my ads?
In general, ads placed on the top half of a website page get more attention and thus, bring more revenues. Ads between the pages’ content may also show good rates.

Why my placement is not showing ads?
Make sure you have not modified or accidently removed part of the code. The code needs to be pasted exactly as the system created it. If the problem persists and you still can’t see the ads, please contact our support team at:
Who are AdsGadget’s advertisers?
AdsGadget works with a large number of carefully selected advertisers to provide our publishers with a wide variety of  relevant ads to choose from, according to their specific site content and geographic location.
Which geographic locations does AdsGadget Support?
AdsGadget supports all geographic locations; the ad will be created in the relevant language according to the impression’s geographic source.

Tips to maximize results
AdsGadget team is constantly working on improving your results.
However, here are a few easy tips that you can do to help us help you:
  • Better position means better revenue; maximize the performance by putting your banner code near the top of your page, or within your site content.
  • Send us your highest volumes; this will make the optimization process faster and more efficient, and of course, the higher the volume the higher the profits.
  • Use pop up and pop under. These ads can reach 10 times higher eCPMs!
  • Be patient. Making money requires time and effort. Our system needs to "learn" your traffic, and together with our optimization process we will ensure the highest rates possible.
  • Test as many ad sizes as possible, some ad sizes tend to have better results than others, depending on the site design and content.
  • If any other ads are in rotation on the specific position, make sure AdsGadget ads will show among the first impression
  • Select the categories that describe your site best.
  • Contact our support team at; our professional team will be happy to find a way to work together and maximize your traffic.

Refers to the banner size and the webpage it's place.  Select the banner size and web site category from the list to generate a code. 
Code implemented on your website to display ads and send information to Ad$Gadget which helps it optimize the results and increase the profits. 
Above the fold/Top fold
The top portion of a website that is visible when a webpage loads, without having to scroll down.
Banner ads
A form of graphical web advertising linked to an advertiser's website.
The rotating order of banner appearance.
Frequency cap
The number of times a user will see the same ad over a set period of time, i.e frequency cap of 3/24 means the user will see the ad 3 times in 24 hours.
Conversions are tracked behaviors that are the desired result of users clicking an ad. Example behaviors include sign-ups, leads, downloads, or purchases.
Cost per click (CPC) - The amount paid to the publisher each time a user clicks an ad.
Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) - The amount paid by the advertiser to the publisher to display an ad 1,000 times.
Effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM) - The cost of a campaign divided by the total number of impressions delivered by that campaign, multiplied by 1000.
Cost per view (CPV) - The amount paid to the publisher each time an ad is viewed.
Click-through rate (CTR) - The number of clicks an ad receives divided by the number of times the ad is shown (impressions).
Highest bid
The highest current bid for an ad. The highest bidder will get most of the impressions.
The number of times an ad is viewed on a website.
Landing page
The first page a user sees after clicking an ad.  Designed to lead visitors to perform a desired action.
An ad that opens in a separate window in front of the website. Usually reaches a lot higher eCPM's than regular ads.
An ad that opens in a separate window behind the website. Usually reaches a lot higher eCPM's than regular ads.


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